Haute is a cutting edge, state of the art health and fitness system combining rebounding and infrared sauna finishing with halotherapy. Our approach to health is addressing the toxic burden our bodies accumulate in our world today. Unfortunately, we cannot escape the exposure to thousands of toxins, they accumulate in our bodies causing sickness and premature aging. The powerful benefits achieved using this synergistic combination is similar to age reversal. The stress-free bouncing on a rebounder has a list of health benefits so long, we wouldn’t blame you at all for being skeptical. It really does seem too good to be true.

In a short 15 minutes, this simple and fun gravity, anti-gravity movement cleanses and strengthens all cells, activates our lymphatic system like no other exercise, allowing you to reap the full benefits of the Infrared sauna, which also seems “too good to be true” for health improvement, with a laundry list of amazing benefits that include burning 600 calories in 30 minutes, and a noticeable improvement in our skin. Hautes saunas are full spectrum (near, far and mid-infrared) crafted in premium cedar, they are medical grade and host a medical grade chromotherapy for added benefits. Halotherapy is dry salt therapy, we use a medical halogenerator which grinds pure sea salt and disperses it in our salt room. Halotherapy is the only approved method of cleansing and healing lungs and sinuses of bacteria, viruses, allergies and is recommended for any pulmonary issue. This system is also, in this order, fun (rebounding), enjoyable(sauna) and relaxing(salt room).

We are very excited to share what Haute offers! Haute is about feeling good. It’s about looking good because your healthy, It’s about burning fat, glowing skin, shiny hair, feeling youthful!


Anita Prata
Anita PrataOwner


We love the fact that rebounding and infrared sauna are backed by dozens of Government and University studies from the United States and all over the world, halotherapy is gaining in popularity and also having many positive study results. This is the reason Haute Infrared Studio is so exciting to me because it’s the real thing, all while being easy, fun, simple and effective. To the future of health!