We want to be easy and convenient at Haute, drop in during regular Studio hours and enjoy a session on your own and at your own pace, Rebounding for even 5 minutes will deliver results and prepare you for a successful sauna as it acts as a pump for your lymphatic system, or jump for 20 to 40 minutes making it an effective workout for all fitness levels. Enjoy a sauna for up to 45 minutes, but even a10 or 20 minute sauna is extremely beneficial to your health. Choose your color for chromotherapy and relax. Finish with Dry Salt Therapy in our active salt room, here again even 5 minutes has many benefits although the salt sessions are set up to last 20 minutes. So come in for a quick session or take more time when it allows. Make Haute Studio your fitness routine, keep it simple, try something new, it should be used regularly for amazing results.

Tips For Your Session

  • Sessions Start on time
  • We supply water and towels
  • We supply mineral and electrolyte replacement
  • Shoes or barefoot work with rebounding, yoga socks are also good
  • All rebounders have a T-bar for safety
  • If you wear leggings during rebounding, maybe bring something looser for after sauna use
  • Try not to have lotions or oils on your skin for better results (careful what you put on your skin, because the skin absorbs everything)
  • The salt room is to be kept a dry area
  • Please, no liquids (lotions/oils) in the sauna, water can be left right outside the door
  • Some safety guidelines will be given at your first session